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Implementing Hemodialysis in the Home: A Practical Manual

Table of Contents


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The Home HD Hub: Infrastructure and Governance

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Funding and Planning to Start or Expand a Home HD program

Module 2:   ViewPDFHDI:PDFGallery


Workforce Development and Models of Care

Module 3:   ViewPDFHDI:PDFGallery


Systems to Cultivate Suitable Patients

Module 4:   ViewPDFHDI:PDFGallery


Patient Safety

Module 5:   ViewPDFHDI:PDFGallery


Patient Selection and Training

Module 6:   ViewPDFHDI:PDFGallery


Vascular Access

Module 7:   ViewPDFHDI:PDFGallery


Infrastructure – Water and Machines in the Home

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Prescriptions for Home HD

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Psychosocial Aspects in Home HD: A Review

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Psychosocial Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Module 10B:   ViewPDF-10APDF-10BPDF-10CHDI:PDFGallery


Psychosocial Guide for Patients, Families, and Dialysis Partners

Module 10C:   ViewPDF-10APDF-10BPDF-10CHDI:PDFGallery
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