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Implementing Hemodialysis in the Home: A Practical Manual

Global Forum for Health, comprised of a panel of leading experts in the field of home haemodialysis have published a handbook, focusing on best practices in patient and provider related pathways. We, the authors, welcome you to access this handbook from this site or alternate sources listed below.

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Home hemodialysis (HD) offers several clinical advantages over facility-based hemodialysis, and is a safe and effective form of renal replacement therapy that delivers superior care to HD patients. However, given its benefits, home HD is greatly underutilized throughout the world.

Implementing Hemodialysis in the Home: A Practical Manual is a peer-reviewed, comprehensive, open-source, web-enabled, practical manual developed by The Global Forum for Home Hemodialysis, a panel comprised of internationally recognized nephrologists, home HD nurses, administrators, patient advocates, and a long-time home HD patient.

This manual is designed as a guide to support healthcare teams worldwide as they develop a successful home HD program in their region or expand an existing program from their facilities to better serve their eligible patients with end stage renal disease.






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