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History of Dialysis Videos and Nephrology History Links


Group One consists of 12 links to movies about people and events in the early history of the development of dialysis treatment. Ten of the movies were collected by Patrick McBride of Baxter during the preparation of his book, Genesis of the Artificial Kidney (1982 and 1987) and the first video of Group One – Dialysis: The Challenge (1982) narrated by Dr. George Schreiner. The McBride movies were converted to videotapes some years later and links to the present videos were made possible by:

  • Kim Solez, M.D., co-founder and co-director of the International Society of the Nephrology Video Legacy Project. Dr. Solez and his team at the University of Alberta provided digital conversion of DVD’s from the videotapes provided by Lee Henderson, M.D., then Vice President of the Renal Division of Baxter International
  • Kenneth Serkes, M.D., former Medical Director of the Artificial Organs Division of Baxter, isolated the individual movies from the DVD’s and prepared the links to each movie.
  • The recollections of Dr. Kolff of his experiences in Holland and the U.S. were prepared from an interview in multiple segments on an ISN website.

Viewers should first watch the movie, Dialysis: The Challenge, in its entirety. This tells the story and ties together the history, events, and people who contributed to the development of successful hemodialysis. It also provides an important introduction to viewing the other videos in Group One.

Travenol History of Dialysis Movie (1982)

An interview with Hume, Merrill, and Scribner by Eugene Stead

Recollections by Willem Kolff

John Jacob Abel lecture

Kolff at Kampen, the Netherlands, 1949

Early dialysis at Schreiner’s Georgetown unit (silent)

Dialysis with recovery at Hammersmith Hospital, London

History of Dialysis: Men and Ideas (Carl Kjellstrand)

Urea Kinetics in Dialysis (John Daugirdas)

John Merrill: Setting up dialysis and the Brigham

Paul Teschan’s unit in Korea (1950-53)

Early manufacture of the Travenol twin coil kidney (silent)

Group Two Videos. These consist of additional links at public web sites, also devoted to the history of dialysis:

Additional audiovideo files of interest:

VOICE Expeditions: Interviews with sentinel nephrologists

Stanley Shaldon reminisces

History of the U.K. Renal Association 1950-2021

1915 dialysis of a dog in Germany by George Haas

Homer Smith Comical Film about Renal Function

Resurrection of Video Legacy Project April, 2018 (Kim Solez)