About ISHD

The International Society for Hemodialysis (ISHD) was formed in 1999 by a group of world-renowned nephrologists who believed that the science and clinical practice of hemodialysis was being overlooked by the other major societies and journals in favor of molecular biology and other basic science-focused research endeavors. Their vision was to develop a society and journal focused primarily on the practice of clinical hemodialysis.

In the short time our society has been active, we have accomplished many things. Our membership is steadily growing with members from throughout the world. Our journal, Hemodialysis International, has grown from a single issue to five issues per year, with plans for supplements targeted at specific issues related to hemodialysis. Over the past few years, the journal has grown in prestige and influence, has been accepted into the Index Medicus, and can boast of a steadily rising impact factor. Our goals for the near future are ambitious. We want to expand our membership at least 10-fold. We expect to form alliances with various international hemodialysis societies around the world; we already have such an alliance with the Indian Society of Hemodialysis and are in discussion with other societies including ASDIN and ISN. (Read the current journal or learn more about subscriptions here.)

One of our most exciting projects has been to work with Dr. Robert Lindsay, whose group created a registry for quotidian hemodialysis patients—the first such registry that is fully HIPAA compliant. The current registry is targeted to North America, and is working with NIH and USRDS. The registry will be expanded to include patients outside North America.

Finally, our most ambitious effort has been to create an ISHD Hemodialysis University where clinical nephrologists can obtain the most up-to-date training and information regarding convective therapies, quotidian dialysis, and other state-of-the-art therapies.

ISHD Officers:

Andrew Davenport, MD: President
London, England

Bernard Canaud, MD: Secretary
Montpellier, France

John Ball, MD: Treasurer
Chicago, IL USA


ISHD Educational Personnel:

John T. Daugirdas, MD, FACP, FASN: Editor
Chicago, IL USA

Madhukar Misra, MD: Director of Education
Columbia, MO, USA

ISHD Board of Directors:

Dr. Victor Gura

Dr. Mitchell Rosner

Dr. X. Q. Ding

Dr. Zaki Morad

Dr. Carlos Blanco

Ms. Connie Anderson, RN

Elizabeth Lindley, Ph.D.