Bulk printing of Home HD manual

Bulk printing of Home HD manual

By In Uncategorized On March 9, 2016

The online practical manual, health “Implementing Hemodialysis in the Home”, diagnosis is now available via the ISHD website.

View PDF of Complete Manual (282 pp.) 5 mB -||- higher rez; 13.3 mB
View PDF of Hemodialysis International supplement

This manual is available for purchase via for $36.00 each at this link:

Group purchase of manual for $6.00 each
Update: The ISHD did organize the printing of 2500 copies at a low price, and and the book is being distributed by FMC, DaVita, Satellite Healthcare, and DCI, as well as by Home Dialysis Central as part of a CE program, and by NxStage.  If you belong to one of these organizations, contact them for more information about obtaining a copy.